Caribbean Dream

PLAY NOW Caribbean Dream Somewhere between Reality and dreams Cradle rocking us to sleep Rock a bye baby Rock a bye baby I raise my head Jump out of my little bed My legs unsteady like Bambi Bir, bir, bir, bird Bir, bir, bir, birds I see I may be

Made in Mexico

Made In Mexico Made in Mexico Mayan routes hold onto the youth that follows Don’t lose it now, don’t lose it now Stand on your head and get an upside down view, bottom to the top view And listen to what would be said Made in Mexico Corn so sweet,

Bird Song

  Little, little, little, little words inside my head They tell me no, oh, oh, oh Tweety, tweety,tweety, tweety birds fly overhead I want to go and follow But the rain falls down and I wonder Where those birds have flown I lay down and think about How I wished

Juicy Acoustic Band Bell Pepper Jam

Bell Pepper Jam began with five musicians in a Highbury, London basement. Over the course of two years, BPJ enjoyed great food and laughs at their weekly rehearsals whilst developing their unique sound ‘Juicy Acoustic Soul’. In December 2012, to the surprise of their fellow Peppers, Jenny and Lars (boyfriend/percussionist) announced their

Try To Be Stronger

Try To Be Stronger What makes you weak What makes you slow Takes hold of you It won’t let go Your caught in a trap Your honey bee flaps anxious tones The deepest wood it knows where you roam There’s no doubt She’ll hold out for you So take it

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