On Tour (but not that sort of tour)

Bicycle touring 5000 miles from Mexico to Colombia was certainly inspiration for Jenny’s recent songwriting.

With a tiny guitar strapped to the back of her bicycle she travelled for over a year, writing and performing music on her journey through Central and South America’s small towns, villages and remote wilderness.

Her emotive raw style and honest lyrics describes landscapes, culture and sensitive sociopolitical issues. She captures the gang violence and extortion in Honduras with her song ‘Radio Wars’, family challenges and the Mexican drug cartels in ‘No Pasa Nada’, the rich culture in Guatemala with ‘Beautifully Woven’ and Panama’s San Blas islands in ‘Caribbean Dream’.

Introducing Live

Before this life affirming adventure Jenny toured for five years with Introducing, a nine piece band who re-created and performed DJ Shadow’s Entroducing album completely live (plus works by Mr Scruff). They played sold out gigs at London’s Jazz Cafe, Koko and performed Bestival festival, Ireland’s Electric Picnic and Outlook in Croatia.

Bell Pepper Jam

Jenny’s London-based ‘Juicy Acoustic’ band Bell Pepper Jam released their first album The Smokehouse Sessions in April 2013. This band was as much a social release as it was musical. Weekly rehearsals in a london basement, dinners, wine and small gigs around town were all part of the experience and sound.

Electronic Music

Ever since the days of college studying at the Guildford Academy of Contemporary music Jenny was writing vocal lines over Drum and Bass, Breakbeat and has continued to collaborate with music producers when the opportunity arises.

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